Our Protein

When it comes to protein, we have a lot of options to choose from.  Animal proteins such as whey are popular choices that people believe provide the highest level of protein.

However, countless studies show plant-based proteins provide as much, and even more, protein and overall nutritional value.  They are gluten free and are easier to digest.  Plus, they are cultivated from sustainable farming.

Four Nature chooses to use only plant-based proteins in our foods.  Here’s more information on the proteins we use.

Pea Protein

  Pea Protein Powder

Pea Protein is naturally gluten and dairy free.  It has a complete amino acid profile, which means it includes all 9 of the essential amino acids your body needs to build muscle, tissue and bone.  That includes branch-chained amino acids which help decrease muscle breakdown post workout.

Nutritionally, it’s nearly identical to whey protein. Here’s a breakdown:

Pea Protein Compared to Whey Protein

Most important, The American Chemical Society reported pea protein helps fight high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease (CKD).


Brown Rice Protein

Brown Rice Protein Powder

Like pea protein, brown rice protein has very similar nutritional value to whey.  It provides the same amount of protein as whey while maintaining the same hypo-allergenic and digestive benefits.  Brown rice doesn’t contain all the essential amino acids, but that’s why we combine it with pea and hemp.


Hemp Protein

Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp is also packed with the 20 essential amino acids needed for muscle building.  But in addition, it’s loaded with healthy omega-3 and omega-6.  Plus, it’s one of the few sources of the hard to get gamma linolenic acid (GLA).  GLA-rich foods like hemp seeds have been observed to help people with:

  • ADHD

  • Breast pain

  • Diabetes and diabetic neuropathy

  • Heart disease

  • High blood pressure

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Obesity

  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Skin allergies

Hemp is also rich in soluble and unsoluble fiber.  Both forms of fiber help cleanse the colon which can reduce toxins in the body.